Peter Greenwood, author & editor, offers


Clarity • Continuity • Integrity

Good writing depends on clarity, continuity and integrity. The guiding precepts of ProEdit are that clarity produces good style, continuity creates natural form, and integrity generates meaningful content.

As editor, my primary objective is to ensure that the author has said precisely what he or she has intended to say and that the style, form and content of the work all serve that intent. Whether it’s a book or website text I can help with all phases of the writing process, from bringing the vision into focus right down to dotting i’s and crossing t’s.

I entered publishing many years ago when Music Sales accepted my anthology Pieces for Classical Guitar and asked if I knew anything about drum music. I did, they handed me an unruly stack of pages on rock & pop drumming and so began my other life as an editor. Since then I’ve edited books and articles on psychology, alternative medicine, yoga, nutrition, dance, bodywork and music (instruction, aesthetics, rhythm). My work has been published by Grosset & Dunlap, Music Sales, LifeRhythm, Carl Fischer, Station Hill Press, Ellipsis Arts, Warner Bros., Bembé Books, Pentatonic Press et al.

Writing, like the guitar, sounds better when it’s in tune. Whatever you’re writing—a book, website text, manual, dissertation—Proedit can help you tune it up.

Project development • Consultation • Collaboration • Line editing • Proofreading

Peter Greenwood’s natural capacity for clarifying substantive material is the gift of a fine editor.
Siegmar Gerken, publisher, LifeRhythm

Working with you was not only rewarding in outcome, but the process itself was a great pleasure. Your insights were deep; they considered the poetic nature of the work.
Stan Rushworth, author: Sam Woods/American Healing

Artifice y pieza esencial en la construccion de esta belleza… Thank you very much for your help, support, encouragement, enthusiasm and more.
Sofia Lòpez-Ibor, author: Blue is the Sea

The lion’s share of thanks goes to Peter Greenwood who stayed with me through the thick and thin of the past 12 years. Where the writing sings, I have him to thank.
Doug Goodkin, author: Now’s the Time

I express my deep appreciation to editor Peter Greenwood for his dedicated help in developing and writing the text for this book. His clear vision brought clarity and focus to the material; his interest, care and love were an invaluable encouragement.
John Pierrakos, M.D., author: Eros, Love & Sexuality

Peter’s belief in the project never wavered for the decade and a half we worked on it. His provocative questions urged me to dig ever deeper: without him the work in its present form would not exist. He raised the level of my writing…I’m grateful for his priceless work.
David Penalosa, author: The Clave Matrix